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Chemical Agent Resistant Coating


Air Flow Technology offers one of the widest ranges of filtrationsolutions made in the U.S.A. for applications utilizing Chemical AgentResistant Coatings (CARC). Air Flow Technology offers stand-alone filtration systems as well astwo-stage systems designed to assure maximum service life, removalefficiency, and the elimination of by-pass. As any applier of CARCs will tell you, these coatings […]

Filtrair’s high efficiency intake medias and rigid pocket filters offer premium performance.


Superior Performance: Based in the Netherlands, Filtrair manufactures high efficiency synthetic nonwoven, progressively structured intake filtration medias and rigid pocket filters for the Automotive and Industrial markets.  Globally Filtrair is recognized as a specialist supplier to the leading auto assembly companies and a market leader for filtration in the automotive aftermarket industry.  As the sole […]

KN95 Product Bulletin


Download our product bulletin to learn more about the KN95 masks!

Benefits of 2nd & 3rd Stage Overspray Cubes


Increased Service Life: 3-Dimensional Overspray Cubes increase surface area of a standard 20”x20” exhaust pads by 400%. As a result, filter longevity increases 6-8 times due to the cross-directional loading of overspray. Increased filter longevity decreases downtime associated with filter changeouts, which directly increases productivity. Bypass Elimination: The internal wire frame creates a gasketed seal […]

Compression wound fiberglass blankets can reduce freight, storage and handling costs by 50% compared to polyester & expanded paper filters.


Compression with Full Recovery: Fiberglass is the only paint arrestor media that can be compressed and recover to full loft and efficiency.  Polyester and expanded paper filter medias lose efficiency, loft and effectiveness once compressed.  While some manufactures attempt to compress polyester medias to minimize freight costs, they are negatively impacting filter performance, which can […]

Why the Automotive Collision Repair industry relies on AFT for complete filtration systems


The U.S. automotive collision repair market is valued at over $30 billion and continuing to grow.  The diverse filtration systems to support such a vast market have stringent performance requirements and Air Flow Technology offers a comprehensive product portfolio to satisfy those needs. Single Source Provider: Unlike other filter providers, Air Flow Technology manufactures the […]

Air Flow Technology provides customized filter solution that improves Productivity and Indoor Air Quality for Plastic Injection Molding facility.


Customer Value: Series E28 gradual density fiberglass provides the lowest pressure drops on the market while maintaining 99.45% paint removal efficiency. Customized pre-cut blankets packaged on patent pending high-speed compression would rolls offer freight, space and handling savings compared to standard packaging methods for polyester and expanded paper filters. Initial Situation: As the premier filtration […]