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Fiberglass Paint Arrestors

Fiberglass Paint arrestors are the most varied and expansive group in the FG-Finishing’s family of products. Over the last 30 years we have developed the largest selection of weights, thicknesses, densities, sizes and constructions available to industry. From custom cut blankets to standard size pads, special care is taken in proper product selection to insure providing a tailored filtering system with respect for all variables present in your finishing environment. 

Fiberglass products available in pads, blankets and rolls


15 Gram (PD)

The progressive dense two-stage 15g media is manufactured from continuous strands of glass fibers. This 2″ white/green filter features a progressive density construction that meets the needs of the widest variety of finishing applications. The efficiency rating is 98.95%. 

22 gram

22 Gram

The progressively dense white/yellow, heavy-duty two-stage 22g media is 50% heavier than the 15g counterpart. 22g is manufactured from continuous strands of glass fibers with a 2.5″ loading area backed with 100% fiberglass scrim backing. 

gpf ultra

GPF Ultra

Ultra-high efficiency filter at a competitive cost. Polyester coated fiberglass for easy handling. High efficiency with all coatings including dry, dusty overspray. Can either stand alone or pre-filter. 1½” thick filter green/yellow. High paint holding capacity. 99.43% efficiency rating.



The FMP-18 has a unique micro-filament fiber structure that increases the area and optimizes air flow. FMP-18 contains 33% more fiber strands than a standard fiberglass filter thanks to the smaller fiber diameter. An open weave design promotes depth loading while the heavy weight provides maximum efficiency with little impact on cost. These filters have an efficiency of 99.07%.



The Purple Paint Extractor (PPE). Designed and engineered for automotive and industrial operations. Features a multi-layered system with a high efficiency resin backing. Cost effective alternative to the Paint Pocket®. 99.59% efficiency rating.



VA7 is a 3″ thick, green fiberglass filter with a polyester backing. It’s a perfect single-stage overspray collector for dry and dusty types of coatings. High removal efficiency and holding capacity.