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Heavy Equipment

Every application is unique. Filtration Group- Finishing’s services the marine finishing industry and is prepared with solutions for a single stage or a two-stage filter system specifically for all the major coating types for marine finishings. 

Diffusion Media

Filtrair is recognized as a specialist supplier to the leading auto assembly companies and a market leader for filtration in various industries. Ensure maximum efficiency and dust holding capacity to provide Class A finish quality while maintaining low pressure drops.

Panel & Link Filters

Proper selection of paint booth air intake filters for enclosed paint and powder coating booths requiring a dust free environment can go a long way in preventing product rejects. Whether your requirement is for roll media or cut pads, flat media or extended surface, un-constructed or self-supporting, tacky or dry texture, FG-Finishing can assist with any standard or custom sizes needed. 

Expanded Paper

Filtration Group Finishing’s combination baffle/strainer-type overspray collector filters are constructed of layers of slit and expanded kraft with an optional final layer of duo-density synthetic polyester backing to maximize efficiency and strength.

Polyester Media

FG-F’s collection of both rolls and cut pads is available in a wide variety of performance levels and thicknesses – dry or tackified and with or without an anti-microbial additive. Each filter has high holding capacities due to depth-loading characteristics and graduated fiber density. Filter change out is clean, quick and efficient, and a long service life means the filters need to be changed less often.

Fiberglass Media

Fiberglass Paint arrestors are the most varied and expansive group in the FG-F family of products. From custom cut blankets to standard size pads, special care is taken in proper product selection to insure providing a tailored filtering system with respect for all variables present in your finishing environment.