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Poultry Pad

Our signature product, the Filtration Group- Finishing Midlantic Poultry Pad is used throughout the poultry industry to line hatch trays and to pad chick boxes and carousels, and is known to provide sturdier footing and promote both cleaner birds and cleaner equipment than alternative products. Pad sizes are cut to fit most equipment used in the industry. Depending on air-flow needs, the pads can be ordered with backing or without, and can be two or three ply to accommodate customer preference. The Filtration Group- Finishing Midlantic Pad is a consistant product with no loose fibers. This keeps the hatery and total operation much cleaner than some alternatives.

Poultry Pad with Solid Base Layer
Poultry Pad without Solid Base Layer

Filtration Group- Finishing has been serving the needs of the Poultry Industry since November of 1986. The Poultry Pad was designed for hatch trays to allow maximum air flow in hatching machines, while capturing fluff and airborne contaminants, thus allowing for the best possible hatch and bird quality. The pad design also allows the newly hatched birds to achieve excellent footing, which significantly reduces leg problems and allows the birds to get onto their feet quicker, resulting in cleaner and overall excellent bird quality. Some studies have shown an increase of almost 5 saleable poults per tray (over 4%) when the Poultry Pad was used.

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Air Filtration Solutions

Ensuring an environment with clean, healthy and safe air is imperative for your poultry operation. We feature panels, pleats, and cubes as our primary filter and mini-pleats and v-cells as our secondary filter. Ask about our customized air filtration solutions.

Diffusion Media

Filtrair is recognized as a specialist supplier to the leading auto assembly companies and a market leader for filtration in various industries. Ensure maximum efficiency and dust holding capacity to provide Class A finish quality while maintaining low pressure drops.

Panel & Link Filters

Proper selection of paint booth air intake filters for enclosed paint and powder coating booths requiring a dust free environment can go a long way in preventing product rejects. Whether your requirement is for roll media or cut pads, flat media or extended surface, un-constructed or self-supporting, tacky or dry texture, FG-Finishing can assist with any standard or custom sizes needed. 

Polyester Media

FG-F’s collection of both rolls and cut pads is available in a wide variety of performance levels and thicknesses – dry or tackified and with or without an anti-microbial additive. Each filter has high holding capacities due to depth-loading characteristics and graduated fiber density. Filter change out is clean, quick and efficient, and a long service life means the filters need to be changed less often.