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Filtration Group- Finishing has become one of the most recognizable names for over 30 years in the auto body and industrial paint air filtration industry. In addition to filters, we provide these convenient paint-booth accessories.



FG-F’s popular ChemGuard protective film is an easy solution to windows and lights. This highly durable, self releasing film allows for easy application and removal. Available in 12”x100’ and 18”x100’ rolls. 

Holding Frames

Holding Frames

FG-Finishing offers 20”x20” and 20”x25” galvanized steel holding frames to fit any booth.


Retaining Grids

Filtration Group Finishing’s retaining grid system snap into your existing frame and incorporate impaling prongs which allow for quick placement of paint arrestor media pads.


Quick Lock Track System

The Quick Lock Filter Loading System is a fast and economical way to add that second layer of exhaust filtration to your spray booth. This rigid vinyl material house a groove to hold filter blanket media that can be cut from a roll and installed as needed. There are no gaps, sags or tears when using this product – compared to conventional hooks. Quick Lock is available in 5’ wide pieces and are packaged individually.

Snap-in Accessories

Snap-in and pleated filter conversion grids, single wire rods, rubber tips and snapper bars are available.

Roll Conversion Accessories

Strips, pins, bolts and self-locking nuts or complete strip sets are available.

Holding Frames

L-frames to hold paint collectors, ring panels and various other filters. Meets NFPA 33 as to gauge and specification. Slotted hole pattern allows for retrofitting some systems.