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Filtrair’s high efficiency intake medias and rigid pocket filters offer premium performance.


Superior Performance:

Based in the Netherlands, Filtrair manufactures high efficiency synthetic nonwoven, progressively structured intake filtration medias and rigid pocket filters for the Automotive and Industrial markets.  Globally Filtrair is recognized as a specialist supplier to the leading auto assembly companies and a market leader for filtration in the automotive aftermarket industry.  As the sole distributor of Filtrair medias in North America, Filtration Group – Finishing offers a comprehensive line of superior performing Filtrair medias in all desired dimensions and formats including rolls, pads, blankets, panels, and cubes.

Ceiling Diffusion Medias:

The automotive manufacturing, aftermarket and aerospace industries require superior intake filtration to achieve the required Class A finishes.  Filtrair’s synthetic nonwoven intake medias are progressively structured and thermally bonded to ensure maximum efficiency and dust holding capacity.  Filtrair ceiling diffusion medias are designed with a non-migrating tackifier along with a downstream polyester scrim backing that adds rigidity and prevents fiber migration.  This premium media design offers higher efficiency of smaller particles, which eliminates paint imperfections due to dust and debris.  In addition to providing optimum efficiency while maintaining low pressure drops, the multi-layer, nonwoven fiber structure of Filtrair’s ceiling diffusion medias promote laminar air flow in paint spray booths ensuring ideal spray fan patterns.

Rigid Pocket Filters:

Filtrair’s high efficiency rigid pocket filters are constructed with thermally bonded 100% synthetic, corrosion-free and humidity resistant medias.  The inherently rigid pockets are self-supporting and leak proof making them ideal for various applications included high fine dust, moisture, and water mist content as well as high air velocity.  Combined with an injection molded, impact-proof header Filtrair rigid pocket filters can effectively operate in the harshest environments including offshore and marine.  With a range of efficiencies available Filtrair rigid pocket filters are commonly used as pre or final filters in air intake systems of combustion engines, industrial plants and all HVAC applications.  Their high dust holding capacity significantly prolongs the life of subsequent final filters and increases operational safety.    

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