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Air Flow Technology provides customized filter solution that improves Productivity and Indoor Air Quality for Plastic Injection Molding facility.


Customer Value:

Series E28 gradual density fiberglass provides the lowest pressure drops on the market while maintaining 99.45% paint removal efficiency.

Customized pre-cut blankets packaged on patent pending high-speed compression would rolls offer freight, space and handling savings compared to standard packaging methods for polyester and expanded paper filters.

Initial Situation: As the premier filtration provider for the Finishing market, Air Flow Technology offers application-specific filter solutions to manufacturers through the world.  As production requirements continue to increase in today’s competitive global economy manufacturers are looking for ways to reduce costs and downtime in their processes. High production facilities require superior filter longevity that allows paint operations to continue uninterrupted.  By upgrading to Air Flow Technology’s customized filter solutions this plastic injection molding facility decreased filter changeout frequency while improving the health and safety of their employees by providing improved airflow.


Manufacturer’s spraying high-solids coatings struggle to maintain adequate exhaust airflow throughout production without incurring costly downtime during filter changeouts, which can lead to overspray bounceback and escape from paint booth.  In an effort to address personnel health and safety concerns Air Flow Technology was asked to provide a high efficiency filter solution that could maintain low resistance and keep up with the high paint output of production.

Solution Statement:

As the premier filtration provider for the Finishing market, Air Flow Technology’s unique Series E28 gradual density fiberglass met the production and performance requirements while creating a safer, healthier work environment for personnel by preventing overspray bounceback & escape.  Custom sized, compression rolled blankets created substantial freight, space and handling savings, which further increased productivity.  By upgrading to Air Flow Technology’s application-specific filter solutions our customer was able to effectively increase production rates, decrease costs and improve general health & safety of their employees.