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Benefits of 2nd & 3rd Stage Overspray Cubes


Increased Service Life:

3-Dimensional Overspray Cubes increase surface area of a standard 20”x20” exhaust pads by 400%. As a result, filter longevity increases 6-8 times due to the cross-directional loading of overspray. Increased filter longevity decreases downtime associated with filter changeouts, which directly increases productivity.

Bypass Elimination:

The internal wire frame creates a gasketed seal inside the holding frame thereby eliminating bypass of overspray to the plenum and fan. The elimination of overspray bypass to the plenum decreases energy consumption as well as maintenance costs associated with cleaning the plenum & fan.

Lower Resistance:

The added surface area increases the surface-to-air ratio resulting in lower resistance as well as more consistent air velocity and improved laminar flow. The improved airflow prevents overspray bounce-back and clouding in the paint booth which can often result in paint defects or safety concerns for applicators.


Airflow Technology manufactures overspray cubes in a multitude of media and dimensional configurations to meet the needs of every application and paint booth. With a full portfolio of polyester medias, backers, headers, and gaskets, Air Flow Technology’s overspray cubes offer a full range of efficiency and resistance levels. Our dimensional customization capabilities provide the ideal fit and pocket depth for every paint booth.

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