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Compression wound fiberglass blankets can reduce freight, storage and handling costs by 50% compared to polyester & expanded paper filters.


Compression with Full Recovery:

Fiberglass is the only paint arrestor media that can be compressed and recover to full loft and efficiency.  Polyester and expanded paper filter medias lose efficiency, loft and effectiveness once compressed.  While some manufactures attempt to compress polyester medias to minimize freight costs, they are negatively impacting filter performance, which can detriment productivity and safety for applicators. Fiberglass can ship smaller and cheaper than other paint arrestor medias without sacrificing efficiency or holding capacity allowing manufacturers to realize full filter longevity and proper exhaust of paint overspray.

Space/Storage Savings:

Space is a limited resource for all businesses and every square foot must be utilized to the fullest to be profitable.  On average Air Flow Technology’s compression wound fiberglass blankets reduce shipping and storage footprints by 50% compared to polyester and expanded paper medias.  This reduction in footprint allows businesses to stock the appropriate inventory for their painting processes while also freeing up space for other departments.

Time/Handling Savings:

Custom sized pre-cut fiberglass blankets eliminate downtime of operators measuring and cutting filter media to desired sizes. Air Flow Technology’s patent-pending compression wound packaging technology allows for quick, easy filter disbursement.  Blankets are easily pulled off the roll leaving the next filter prepped for installation.  The time savings created with custom sized pre-cut, compression wound fiberglass blankets can directly increase productivity rates of painting and maintenance operations.

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