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(Fairburn, Georgia – November 15, 2018) – To meet market demand and new environmental regulations for safer, more natural insecticides, Porex is set to debut sintered polypropylene (PP) wicks that are compatible with newer water-based formulas.

The new technology, which delivers enhanced product performance, durability and longevity over traditional ceramic wicks, complements Porex’s existing fiber insecticide wicks and expands upon its capabilities in the insecticides market.  

POREX® insecticide wick technology enables manufacturers to comply with stringent requirements for insecticide diffusion to reduce their environmental footprint, which come as a result of legislation by organizations such as the California Air Resource Board (CARB) to address solvent-based pollution.

“Porex is constantly striving to improve its insect repellent products that make it easier, safer and more effective for people to protect themselves,” said Rusty Martin, global strategic marketing director at Porex. “Our new dispensing technology allows for greater versatility and efficacy because it can accommodate water-based insecticides while also providing consistent formula dispersion.”

Due to the proprietary composition of the product, POREX® PP wicks can be molded into custom 3D shapes that can be tailored to specific brand requirements and can ensure consumer safety. A “collar” in the middle of the wick acts as a stopper to prevent the wick or the insecticide formula from being tampered with or removed, making it child-proof and safer than competitive wicks for use in the home.

Industry standard wicks currently feature low-cost ceramic as the main wicking component in insecticide diffusers; however, these ceramic-based materials are not compatible with new water-based insecticide solutions and are brittle, breaking easily in the manufacturing process. POREX® PP wicks excel at wicking water-based formulas that are CARB-compliant and offer extended durability compared with current ceramic options.

In addition to their new PP wicks that have a constant diffusion rate throughout the life of the product, Porex also offers PET fibrous wicks that begin with a high diffusion rate during the first few weeks of use.  Porex design engineers will work with customers to determine the optimal technical solution for their specific product needs.

POREX insect repellent technology is popular in countries with tropical climates that have large mosquito populations, including India, Central & South America and South East Asia. Other applications of POREX® wicks include scent attraction elements used in insect traps.  For more information about Porex, visit


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